The Democrat Biden Regime Is Worst Than a Fascist Regime

The Democrat Biden Regime Is Worst Than a Fascist Regime

Here is more  proof:

Biden Censors Battered — Expect an Epic Supreme Court Showdown

New York Post reported:

Federal judges hammered fresh nails into the coffin of the Biden censorship regime Thursday in New Orleans. The thrashing the administration received will likely set up an epic Supreme Court battle that could help redefine freedom for our era.

The Biden administration rushed to sway the appeals court to postpone enforcement of the injunction and then sought to redefine all its closed-door shenanigans as public service.

At least two of the three judges on last week’s panel will likely uphold all or part of the injunction against federal censorship. The Biden administration will probably speedily appeal the case to the Supreme Court, setting up an epic showdown.

If Team Biden can destroy freedom of speech by renaming censorship “content moderation,” what other freedoms will it destroy with rhetorical scams? If endless demands by the FBI and other agencies don’t amount to “coercion,” then it is folly to expect the feds to ever admit how they are decimating Americans’ rights and liberties. 

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