Prigozhin’s Account of His “Mutiny”

Prigozhin’s Account of His “Mutiny”

Andrew Korybko provides Prigozhin’s explanation of last Saturday’s “armed rebellion” and says it is a twist of the truth.

However, the Prigozhin’s explanation strikes me as plausible.  It comes down to this.  Prigozhin learned that the military brass conspiring against him, which is a fact, had arranged to disband or take over the Wagner Group on July 1.  Prigozhin saw this as the demise of the main fighting force Russia has.  His “march on Moscow” was nothing but a protest.  Once it was clear bloodshed would result, he called off the march. 

If Prigozhin’s account is even half correct, Putin’s account is just as false as CNN’s and US Secretary of State Blinken’s.  With the official narrative set in stone equally in Russia and the West, Prigozhin’s account is unlikely to be heard or thought about.

I believe Prigozhin is correct that the Russian government and military have conducted the war in Ukraine in an unsatisfactory manner that has set the world on a path to nuclear confrontation.

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