Don’t Shop at Target

Don’t Shop at Target

Target supports the normalization of sexual perversity 

The corporation donates profits to normalizing sexual perversity 

Target Joins the Ranks of Stupid Corporations

What is behind the sudden appearance of US corporations as flag wavers for LBGT ?  Who is responsible for the corporate push to normalize sexual perversity?  It is impossible that every corporation simultaneously had the same idea to promote LGBT and to remove white families from their advertisements.  Some entity organized this.  Were the corporations bribed, threatened, or are today’s executive and boards woke graduates of the anti-Western civilization Ivy League Universities? 

The Biden administration is doing the same, showcasing LBGT appointees. The LGBT rainbow is replacing the star spangled banner.  I expect to see the LBGT rainbow flag soon flying over the White House, Congress, US Navy ships and US Army bases.

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