The Sign of Power is Protected Speech, Blacks don’t have it, Whites don’t have it, but Jews Do



Nothing can be said about Jews other than praise, and no jokes permitted,  but Jews can say anything: “I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I would do it again.” 




Dave Chappelle Tricked SNL Producers by Giving Them Fake Monologue During Dress Rehearsal


FTX was a Jewish operation and you get fired for saying so: 


Does anyone remember Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s speech at Harvard, which was expected to be denunciation of the Soviet Union but instead criticized the West for its abandonment of Christianity, something the Jews at Harvard did not want to hear.  Suddenly Solzhenitsyn went from hero to villein and was outcast by the West.  The weakening of Christianity is one way  white gentile civilization was weakened.


The Jews have proven to be more powerful than the First Amendment of the US Constitution.  They can brag about their power over America, but gentiles are forbidden to mention the power that the Jews openly brag about.  This constitutes the total humiliation of a “superpower.”

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