So many things that we don’t know about

So many things that we don’t know about

Did you know that the National Basketball Association was a form of social control in which 70 percent of the players are black but 60 percent of the owners are Jewish? This is how Kyrie Irving and all others get suspended for saying things Jews don’t like. No free speech here, dude.

I have no idea what to make of this article. It doesn’t sound nice. Obviously, there is a current in our society with which we are unfamiliar.

I asked a distinguished black politician for a response to this article.  Here is the reply:  “When our music changed from supportive and uplifting “Treat Her Like A Lady” to “I’m gonna kill you, ho” that was the inauguration of Jewish control over our total culture: music, athletes, entertainers.”  In other words, Jews do have blacks in chains.

Andrew Anglin says the Jews also have whites in chains: 

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