Why Washington and Israel Do Not Take the Kremlin Seriously

Why Washington and Israel Do Not Take the Kremlin Seriously

Israel has conducted 400 airstrikes on Syria, but the Kremlin refuses to allow Syria to defend  itself with the S-300 air defense system.  Why does Syria have an air defense system that Russia does not permit Syria to use?  Russia “denounces” the air strikes but protects the attacking Israeli aircraft from retaliation.


Even worse, the Kremlin continues to provide Germany, whose government provides Ukraine with weapons systems with which to kill Russian soldiers and civilians in Donbass, with energy.
Normally, when a country is at war, the country doesn’t supply its enemies with energy. Imagine the US and the Soviet Union supplying energy to Germany during World War II. The Kremlin seems to think that Russia’s “contractual obligations” are more important than the lives of its soldiers. This despite the fact that the West has proven time and again with sanctions that it has no regard whatsoever for contractual obligations. The Kremlin is not impressing anyone with its Goody Two Shoes act, but it is killing Russian soldiers.

The Kremlin could have avoided the limited military intervention simply by turning off the gas supply to Europe. How is it possible for a government to make such an inexplicable blunder?

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