Russian De-nazification of Ukraine Goal Abandoned by the Kremlin

Russian De-nazification of Ukraine Goal Abandoned by the Kremlin

Growing signs of loss of will emanate from the Kremlin.  The consequence will be to encourage the West to increase provocations and cross more unenforced Russian red lines.  It seems the Kremlin can’t learn.  A prevaricating Kremlin is being backed into a corner where Russia will have to fight or surrender.

Putin promised to put the Nazi elements on trial but exchanged 43 members of the Nazi Azov Regiment in a POW swap. concludes that this back-peddling by the Kremlin “has had a significant negative impact on the morale of Russian servicemen fighting Ukrainian nationalists on the front line, as well as shaken the level of support for the Russian military operation among the civilian population. Thus, the stated goals of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, which included ‘denazification’, are no longer being respected.”

“The exchange of members of Ukrainian Nazi units by the Russian military turned into a political failure of the Russian side.

“Moscow had previously declared that militants of Ukrainian Azov regiment and other Nazi formation will not be treated like the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to various claims by the Russian military, they should face trial and would not be exchanged.” 

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