ABIM Suppresses Big Pharma’s Critics

ABIM Suppresses Big Pharma’s Critics

The American Board of Internal Medicine, a Corrupt Tool of Big Pharma, accuses a leading medical authority, Dr. Peter McCullough, of “spreading misinformation” by disagreeing with Fauci’s Covid protocols and intends to remove his certification.

In other words, medical boards in America are so totally corrupt that they punish the best doctors who cure people instead of killing them as the ABIM does.

Medicine functions by doctor and patient making decisions, not by profit-making corporations and their marketing agents making the decisions.

In the US money has corrupted hospitals, medical boards and associations, and they now serve not public and individual health but the profits generated by the Death Shot.

We are seeing everywhere in America censorship imposed on truth. The universities, media, government, medicine now serve bogus ideologies and self-serving agendas that have no basis in fact, while suppressing facts, evidence, and truth.

The American people have been so brainwashed they do not know which way is up. They live in a world of False Narratives.

Will the ABIM rule tomorrow that doctors who say aspirin will help a headache are guilty spreading misinformation? They can if they want to. There is no one to stop them.


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