Russia is always demanding apologies and making protests, but no one pays any attention to Russia because insulting and injuring Russia has no cost.  Russia is  a punching bag.  Even tiny militarily impotent countries can insult and damage Russia without consequences to themselves. Russia is simply not taken seriously.

Russia demanded from Poland an apology for the attack on the ambassador in Warsaw

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow’s decision “on further steps will be taken depending on Warsaw’s reaction” to its demands.

MOSCOW, May 11. /TASS/. Polish Ambassador Krzysztof Krajewski was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday and informed that Moscow is waiting for an official apology from the Polish authorities in connection with the May 9 attack on Russian Ambassador in Warsaw Sergei Andreev.

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“Kraevsky was told that the Russian side is expecting an official apology from the leadership of Poland in connection with what happened and demands to ensure the safety of the Russian ambassador and all employees of Russian foreign missions in Poland,” the Russian diplomatic service said in a statement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that Moscow’s decision “on further steps will be taken depending on Warsaw’s reaction” to its demands.

The ministry pointed out that the Polish side grossly violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. “Poland has not fulfilled one of the main obligations following from it – it has not ensured the immunity of Russian diplomats,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Attack on Russian diplomats

Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreev on Monday arrived at the military memorial cemetery of Soviet soldiers on Žwirki and Wigura Street in Warsaw in a diplomatic car with a Russian flag. After getting out of the car, he was surrounded by an aggressive crowd that had previously gathered at this memorial site with Ukrainian flags, red-painted sheets and anti-Russian slogans. The police were not on the square at the time. The diplomats were able to take several dozen steps, but the crowd did not allow them to go any further.

For several minutes, diplomats were shouted at and packages with a red substance were thrown at them. As the ambassador reported later on the air of the Russia-24 , the diplomats were doused with syrup. After some time, the police pushed back the crowd and escorted the diplomats to their cars. None of them were seriously hurt.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed a strong protest to the Polish authorities, demanding that the Polish side immediately organize a wreath-laying ceremony, ensuring its complete safety from any kind of provocation. The Polish Foreign Ministry said that the attack on the Russian ambassador was regrettable and should not have happened, since the diplomats of all countries are under protection.

May 9 clashes also came to Gdansk during the laying of flowers by the Russian Consul General and his family. In the evening, it became known about an attempt to attack a Russian school in Warsaw. At the Warsaw memorial cemetery, several cases of clashes between the crowd waiting for the ambassador and citizens trying to lay flowers were recorded. The police had to break up fights.

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