The Covid mRNA Vaccine Has Proven to be More Deadly than Covid

The Covid mRNA Vaccine Has Proven to be More Deadly than Covid

“Health authorities,” which means shills for Big Pharma’s profits, lied and killed and injured people for profit.  The one rule that ruled them all was “profit before life.” 

A study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association by researchers in the health agencies of Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway based on 23.1 million people found that people vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccine had far higher prevalence of heart inflammation than unvaccinated people.  Pfizer’s vaccine causes a five times greater risk of heart inflammation and Moderna’ vaccine causes a15 times higher risk of heart inflammation.

Dr. Peter McCullough, the chief medical adviser for the Truth for Health Foundation and a cardiologist who is seeing patients with post-vaccination heart inflammation, said:

“In cardiology we spend our entire career trying to save every bit of heart muscle. We put in stents, we do heart catheterization, we do stress tests, we do CT angiograms. The whole game of cardiology is to preserve heart muscle,” McCullough told The Epoch Times. “Under no circumstances would we accept a vaccine that causes even one person to sustain heart damage. Not one. And this idea that ‘oh, we’re going to ask a large number of people to sustain heart damage for some other theoretical benefit for a viral infection,’ which for most is less than a common cold, is untenable. The benefits of the vaccines in no way outweigh the risks.”

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