Historians Continue to Chip Away the Holocaust Narrative at Great Expense to Themselves

Historians Continue to Chip Away the Holocaust Narrative at Great Expense to Themselves

In Germany if a person presents a Holocaust fact from official documents that is not part of the narrative, the person goes to prison regardless of the validity of the fact.

If the Holocaust narrative turns out to be false, it will be no different from any of the many false narratives in which we blindly live.  We have, for example, the 1619 Project sponsored by the New York Times, a racist interpretation of US history that has no factual basis.  We have just experienced the “Covid Pandemic” orchestration that is still the official narrative despite being contradicted by all known evidence.  We have the false 9/11 narrative supported by no evidence. We have the “war on terror” narrative of Washington’s 21st century Middle East wars.  We still live in the “lone assassin” narrative of President John F. Kennedy’s murder and also of Robert Kennedy’s murder.  We have ‘Russiagate” and the “Trump Insurrection” that is being set in stone with kangaroo court convictions consisting mainly it seems of coerced plea bargains.  We have the ongoing Ukrainian narrative.  Dissenting from any of these narratives can bring denunciation and job loss just as does “Holocaust denial.”  A person who sees the truth of the situation is a threat to the narrative and risks being cancelled.

Movies such as The Matrix and V for Vendetta convey reality.  The official narratives are a form of mind control.  Control is exercised by indoctrinating the members of society into the official narratives, some of which cover up government crimes and others of which serve special interests.  

Throughout human history, truth-tellers have had to pay a much higher price than liars.  


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