The Headlines Say It All

The Headlines Say It All

Biden pledges not to send American military to Ukraine 


Pentagon confirms US position on No Ukraine no-fly zone

Despite Kiev’s request, Washington is not discussing a move that would put it at war with Russia 


Europe ‘not at war with Russia’ – EU diplomacy chief

EU says it supports Ukraine but not enough to go to war 


Russian metallurgical giant Severstal has stopped deliveries of steel to European customers amid Ukraine-related sanctions

Higher prices for Europe 


Gas price in Europe smashes all-time high

Smart move by the dumbshit Germans


Russia’s grain shipments drop by half

Higher prices and hungry people on the way 


Kherson, a Ukrainian provincial capital, has fallen to Russian soldiers

Another Black Sea port in Russia’s hands 


NATO Members Poland and Bulgaria deny warplanes supply to Ukraine

Poland’s president declares “no war with Russia” 


EU Decides to limit SWIFT exclusion to only 7 Russian banks

The excluded banks will just use other banks to transact their business 


German Investment and Energy Hopes In Nord Stream 2 Face Bankruptcy

If Russia turns off the other pipeline, German industry will be disconnected from the energy grid 


In short the dumbshit Zelensky was deceived and used by his American & European “friends” for the purpose of giving Russia a black eye in the presstitute media, and the dumbshit Europeans have shot themselves in the foot and are bearing the cost of the alleged “sanctions on Russia.”  What a stupid world the Western one is.  How much better it would have been to agree to Russia’s reasonable security concerns.

The blustering, threats, and lies from the disintegrating Western world signify the West’s impotence.

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