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The US Has a $1,000 Billion Annual Budget for National Defense and Immigrant-Invaders Are Allowed to Just Walk Into the Country 

Federal Judges Are Ordering Mask Mandates On Unwilling School Systems

“U.S. District Court Judge J. Ronnie Greer prohibited the Knox County Board of Education from enforcing its vote against a mask mandate in the county’s schools and ordered the board to enforce a mask mandate, according to the memorandum opinion (pdf). Greer also prohibited Lee from enforcing the opt-out order.”  Tennessee has no mask mandate.  The Republican judge is trying to impose one.  

In case you don’t know, federal judges have no such power.  Why are these judges tolerated? 

Well-behaved Swiss in Massive Protest Against Totalitarian Covid Measures  

Merkel’s Party Flooded Germany with  Immigrant-Invaders, Imprisoned Them with Totalitarian Covid Measures and Was Wiped Out in the Election

Where did Europe’s collection of European ethnicity-destroying politicians come from?  Why were politicians who acted against European ethnicity allowed to submit countries to immigrant-invader colonization?  Why do Americans tolerate Democrats who are doing the same thing to America? 

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