The Astonishing Hubris Of A Global Experimental Vaccine

The Astonishing Hubris Of A Global Experimental Vaccine 

Now compare Larry Sanger’s common sense statement above to the idiocy of the Federation of State Medical Boards’ Board of Directors, a collection of Big Pharma brainwashed medical bureaucrats: 

What the FSMB means by spreading misinformation is to dissent from the Covid narrative that is unravelling in front of their blind eyes.  I have provided details of the unravelling in recent columns posted on my website.  Doctors guilty of spreading misinformation are doctors who have cured Covid patients with HCQ or Ivermectin.  According to the official narrative, there are no cures.  The alleged absence of cures is the reason the untested, unapproved experimental vaccine was given emergency use authorization.  Once a cure is officially acknowledged, the vaccine money-tree comes to an end.  That is what the medical establishment fears.

The only misinformation being spread is the official Covid narrative.  Every part of it is untrue. 

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