Is Virginia Giuffre Not Also At Fault?


The Duke of York’s accuser looks happy to be with him, as most young women would be to be with royalty. Does she look like she fears “death and physical injury” as her lawsuit charges?  She was not kidnapped. She was on Epsteinn’s properties in New York and the Virgin Islands  on her own initiative, or, alternatively, allowed herself to be recruited. It is not unusual for 17 year olds to be sexually experienced. In the 1950s the age of female sexual consent in the state of Georgia, for example, was 14.  She accuses the Duke of  multiple incidents of “sexual assault, battery and inflicting emotional distress,” but not rape.  Is she saying any more than she has decided years later to take advantage of her own underage consent and to chase money?

The Duke was an idiot to get mixed up in this. He could have had all the 18-year old females that he wanted.  Unless she was held against her will and coerced, the responsibility is also hers.

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