American Politicians Line Up With Israel Against Ben & Jerry’s

American Politicians Line Up With Israel Against Ben & Jerry’s. The Israel Lobby has succeeded in blocking Americans from protesting Israel’s murder and dispossession of Palestinians.  To protest Israel’s violation of International Law is equated with anti-semitism.  Ben & Jerry’s decision to cease selling ice cream in Israel is declared to be a boycott. The company is not permitted to even make a gesture or token protest.

Florida’s DeSantis is ruining himself with people of integrity by aligning himself with the Israelis.  Of course, considering the size of Florida’s Jewish population he has no choice.

“Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is placing Ben and Jerry’s on an official government blacklist because the ice cream company is removing its product from Israel in protest of the Zionist regime’s war actions. DeSantis is standing against free speech and the free market by using the power of the state to blacklist a private company choosing to do business the way it wants. This case has massive implications for civil liberties in America going forward. Which business will be targeted next for not supporting Israel? DeSantis previously banned criticism of Israel or Jewish people in public schools and colleges.”

Strange, isn’t it, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google can censor because they are private companies, but Ben & Jerry’s can’t protest because they are a private company.

Most conservative Americans, which includes Trump supporters, have been brainwashed against Muslims by Bush’s “war on terror.”  Many of them go to evangelical churches and have been indoctrinated that God gave Palestine to Israel, and the Jews can confiscate the country from the people who have lived there for 2,000 years.  Some indoctrinated Christians actually believe that the Jews’ massacre and dispossession of Palestinians is God’s will. 

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