Corrupt Pennsylvania Democrats Block Investigation of 2020 Election

Corrupt Pennsylvania Democrat Secretary of State and Corrupt Pennsylvania Governor Block Investigation of 2020 Election

Pennsylvania is one of the states where Midnight Miracles occurred in the 2020 election that have no explanation except fraud.  Just as the legislature began a belated investigation, the Democrat administration ordered election officials not to turn over a single voting machine or ballot box.  

Obviously,  there is a great deal to hide and to keep hidden. The President of the Pennsylvania Senate said “The Legislature has clear authority—both statutorily and constitutionally—to provide oversight and issue subpoenas. This directive tramples those rights which were specifically put in place to prevent potential abuses and overreach by the Executive Branch.” 

The Founding Fathers, fearing mob rule, stupidly made the legislative branch the weakest by placing police power in the executive branch.  The consequences is rule by the executive.

Legislators are too numerous and too divided to be able to come together to protect the Constitutional rights and authority of the legislative branch.  At the federal and state levels legislators have lost their power to the executive branch.  The US is following the path of Rome where power departed the Roman Senate and took up residence in the fuhrer or Caesar. 

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