“I have indoctrinated kids.”  —California public school mom Celeste Fiehler

“I have indoctrinated kids.”  —California public school mom Celeste Fiehler

Many Americans wonder what they can do.  The answer is: If you have kids in public schools in blue jurisdictions, get them out.  The schools are indoctrination centers, not educational centers.  The private schools are probably no better. Megan Kelly removed her kids from prestigious New York City private schools where they were being taught to hate themselves and her.  Do not send your kids to an American university.  If they must go to a university, find a country that is not in the process of self-destruction of its belief system.  If your kids are straight white males, they have no prospect in the corporate world or the US military. They need to start a business or learn a skill—electrician, mechanic, plumber—that allows them independence.  Really, they should leave the country.  So should your daughters.

White Americans have demonstrated inability to recognize the hatred, now institutionalized, directed against them and inability to organize against it.  Indeed, about half of the white population is infused with guilt and self-doubt and is cowed.  There is no future for white people in America.

Celeste Fiehler’s description of what is going on in her California school district is what is going on in your school district.  Some red states attempt to prevent the anti-white indoctrination, but red states are afflicted with the same brainwashed “educators” and the same teachers’ union as the blue states.  The red states have the same group of anti-white agitators with whom the Biden regime is allied.  The political history of America since 1860 has been the crushing of states’ rights by federal power.


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