Breaking News—New York Times Caught In Massive Deception

Breaking News—New York Times Caught In Massive Deception

Capitol Hill Policeman Murdered by Triump Violent Insurrection Is a Lie Made Up by the NY Times

Glenn Greenwald exposes the New York Times fake news story of officer Brian Sicknick allegedly beat to death with a fire extinguisher by Trump supporters at the “Capitol violent insurrection.” The story is entirely the product of the New York Times Lie Machine.  No evidence supports the entirely fabricated story, and the Lie Machine itself has quietly abandoned it.

This fake news story repeated endlessly by presstitutes all over the world is even more egregious than the fake news story that George Floyd was murdered by a policeman who restrained Floyd with a knee on his neck while Floyd was saying “I can’t breathe.”  As video evidence proves, Floyd complained of inability to breathe before he was restrained.  His complaint was the reason the police called for an ambulance.  Floyd was restrained to keep him from exertions that would tax his impaired breathing ability.  The police were trying to save him, not kill him.  As the medical examiner’s report established, Floyd could not breathe because he had almost three times the fatal does of fentanyl in his blood and was dying from the overdose.  Despite these established medical facts, the fake news story was hyped worldwide that Floyd was brutally and insensitively murdered by “white racist” police.

In other words, the American media is nothing but a propaganda machine that spews lies.

There can be no democracy, no accountability, no justice in a country with a dishonest media that has not one ounce of integrity.

Here is Greenwald’s account.  Read it.  If you ever again trust the New York Times you are truely a dumbshit American. 

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