Russia Has Had Enough of the Infantile West

Russia Has Had Enough of the Infantile West

I have suggested for some years that the Kremlim’s policy of restraint in the face of provocations only encourages more provocations, which is dangerous because it leads to war.  The Kremlin seems to have finally abandoned this self-defeating policy and replaced it with blunt speaking and disdain for the incompetent and failing West.  At the press conference following his recent meeting with European Commission Vice Presient Josep Borrel, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov delivered a strong rebuke by declaring “we are proceeding from the assumption that the EU is not a reliable partner.”  In other words, Europe needs Russia.  Russia doesn’t need Europe.

I have often written that Navalnyi is a Washington asset, not a Russian opposition leader, and now Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakarova has acknowledged that  Navalnyi and his Western-financed group are not an opposition: “They are NATO agents.”

The Saker reports on the latest developments. Here is the link: 

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