Video and Report of Trump Rally

Report and Video From Trump Rally

“They blocked the phones.  Couldn’t even get texts out.  Had some way to drain batteries too.  All phones dead super quick.
No portapotties.  Mayor had them all picked up.
We were not violent.  That was staged or something.  I don’t really know all the details but never saw violence other than from the police tear gassing and pepper spraying and flash banging us. Imagine that.  At people standing on the steps.
Over 2,000,000 People is my estimate.  If we had wanted to be violent there would be nothing left of DC.  Everyone I interacted with was polite and kind.
This video is taken after we left the Elipse and walked to the Capitol so you can’t see the other million up the streets to the left into Freedom Plaza and all around the Capitol. It was an amazing site!
I believe every state was represented including Alaska and Hawaii.”

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