“Sweden Is Losing Control of Its Own Territory” And so is the US

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“Sweden Is Losing Control of Its Own Territory”

And so is the US

“These heinous crimes and humiliations [that ethnic Swedes are experiencing hourly] are connected to a ghetto culture… Journalists do not like to write about it, politicians do not want to talk about it and researchers do not want to touch it.”   https://www.zerohedge.com/political/sweden-violence-extremely-serious?utm_campaign=&utm_content=ZeroHedge%3A+The+Durden+Dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zh_newsletter 

Insane, crazed, dumbshit Swedish governments, largely a bunch of mindless feminists, have been importing unassimilable third-world immigrant-invaders for many years.  The anti-Swedish Swedish government prevents any criticism by police or journalists of immigrant-invaders’ criminal actions.  The insane Swedish government considers any complaint by a white Swede against a “person of color” to be an expression of racism and a hate crime.  Even raped ethnic Swedish women are afraid to make charges against their black rapists.  

The reason the desperate situation is now getting some attention is that the immigrant-invaders mindlessly imported into Sweden are now threatening Jews, the most protected of all peoples.  The Swedish government does not care what its immigrant-invaders do to Swedish people, but for them to threaten a Jew is a different story.

Sweden today:

“This weekend, two boys were subjected to terrible atrocities in a cemetery [gang rapes] in Solna for an entire night. On Tuesday, a teacher in Gothenburg was kidnapped and beaten after contacting the police [about the crimes].

“What we now experience almost daily is not normal — not for Sweden or for Europe. Almost all of us who live here know that. The development is destroying Swedish trust and cohesion, the violence is threatening the system. The criminal gangs terrorize entire residential areas and kill children and adults who happen to be in the way. They set up their own roadblocks and control people’s everyday lives. They are like Sweden’s domestic terrorists — and must therefore be met with the full force of our democracy. Pattern-breaking measures that really lead to change, not just adjustments in the margin.

“Sweden should start by making it a crime to be part of a criminal gang, in the same way that it should be a crime to be part of a terrorist organization. It would thus give the police new opportunities to act against the activities we have seen in Gothenburg in recent days, such as establishing roadblocks or arranging meetings in which various criminal gangs participate.”

In other news, the Västra Skrävlinge church in Malmö was recently vandalized seven nights in a row. Windows were smashed and statues broken, including a statue of Jesus that was smashed to pieces. The perpetrators are unknown, but the Sweden Democrats Party in Malmö has asked the Church of Sweden to look deeper into the matter, adding in a statement:

“Considering the vandalism of Västra Skrävlinge Church that we have seen and the systematic vandalism we see in our cemeteries, this is an area that the Church of Sweden must work with. Unfortunately, there is a grudge against Christian culture among certain groups and the Church of Sweden in Malmö cannot be passive while the Christian cultural heritage is vandalized.”

Aren’t Diversity and Multiculturalism wonderful!  European “leaders” used both to destroy Europe. Sweden, once a paradise, is today a hell-hole where ethnic Swedish women are afraid to leave their homes. 

Now the same thing is happening in the US thanks to the Democrat Party’s protection of Antifa and Black Lives Matter and the Democrat Party’s four-year Campaign of Hate against the President of the United States and the white Americans Hillary termed “the Trump deplorables.”  

Entire Rochester NY Police Command Resigns

Dumbshit White Liberals Won’t Let the Police Maintain Law & Order

The Chief of Police who resigned along with his entire command is a Black American



The black female police chief in Seattle also resigned because the white liberals cut the police budget and would not let the police protect law and order.  Clearly, America’s problems are the white liberals—the Democrats. Clearly, Democrats and their whore media are American’s worst enemies.  They serve as puppets for the Deep State whose noose around our necks is drawing tighter. 

Wealthy Americans are fleeing the cesspool that the white liberals have made of America:  


The white ethnicities that conquered the world have lost all confidence, become self-haters, and have imported the conquered into themselves to conquer them.  In Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints, even the Russians succumb.

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