Italian Claims Notwithstanding, Covid-19 Has Not Gone Away

Italian Claims Notwithstanding, Covid-19 Has Not Gone Away

What is the point in the rush from so many quarters to declare the virus over.  The reopenings have resulted in 14 states plus Puerto Rico recording their highest-ever seven-day average of new coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic—Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. The rise in cases is moving from dense metro hubs to rural areas.  Chile in South America now has its hospitals at full occupancy.  And still there are idiots who say the virus is a hoax.

We still have idiots telling us that it is the masks certified as virus protection that are killing us and not the virus.  So, where are all the lawsuits against the mask companies?

There was a report that WHO said that asymptomatic people don’t spread the virus.  Not so says WHO. They do spread it.

I am sure we all want to get rid of the virus, but what explains the massive amount of disinformation?

CNN continues to lie about vitamins that protect us from viruses—!msg/newsfromunderground/j7ZRssWrWqw/RBOxplaaAQAJ 

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