Coronavirus: The Plot Thickens

Coronavirus: The Plot Thickens

From Reports:

Indian researchers have found HIV-derived inserts in the coronavirus genome that compound the infectious potential and greatly bolster the argument this virus was developed as a bioterror weapon. 

This 2016 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community lists China as a major potential “terror actor” (p.2) and genome editing (p.9) as a major terror risk. 

Before jumping to conclusions, let’s assume for argument’s sake that the paper published in India on the makeup and likely evolution of this virus passes peer review. What then? The international community will likely conclude the virus was bio-engineered and will condemn China with major implications for sanctions and global trade/travel. 

But consider: it is the agenda of USA to contain the rise of China. Cui bono? Is it far-fetched that having fingered China as a major terror actor and terror risk that US agents would have created this epidemic in the epicenter of Chinese virology experimentation? It is easier in this instance to identify the crime than the criminal. Western intel agencies are associated with false flags.


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