From a reader: The Last Real American Died in 2003

From a reader:

The Last Real American Died in 2003

Charles Bronson was the last American man, as American men were portrayed in movies.

Since his passing we have effete feminized semi-men. These are not men capable of protecting their women, as we see in Sweden and Germany, where the semi-men stand aside while the immigrant invaders rape their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters, too afraid of being prosecuted by “their” government—in reality the immigrant invaders’ government—for racism.

The semi-men are too afraid to hang their treasoneous governments off the nearest lamp posts.

The semi-men have submitted to their conquerers.

Semi-men are despicable.

So are feminists who have created semi-men.

One can only wonder why the governments of the West with their feminized, transgenderfied, diversified armies think they can conduct war against Iran, Russia, and China, where there are real men.  It only took 300 Spartans to stop Persia’s diversified hordes.

The difference between Russian men and Western semi-men:


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