The “Whistleblower Complaint” Is an Orchestration Not in Compliance with Whistleblower Law

The “Whistleblower Complaint” Is an Orchestration Not in Compliance with Whistleblower Law

This has come to me from a knowledgeable source:

1—-The statute allowing such complaints is 50 USC sec. 3033. Read it for yourself.

a–The statute requires the complaint to involve “intelligence activity”.  The “intelligence activity whistle blower complaint” we have been talking about has nothing to do with “intelligence activity” as legally required by the statute.  Since this complaint was filed, accepted and treated as legitimate, was the drafting, filing, and handling of this particular “intelligence activity whistle blower complaint” a political act rather than whistle blowing?

b–Under the statute the whistle blowing must concern either a person or activity that is under the authority of the Director of National Intelligence. One cannot use this statute to whistle blow to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, a subordinate official of the DNI, on anything that the DNI has no authority over.  In other words, nothing in the statute  allows an “intelligence activity whistleblower” complaint to be made concerning the president or his phone calls. Such matters are not supervised by the DNI and are outside the jurisdiction of this statute.  The acceptance of this complaint by the IG was improper under the clear language of the statute.  The same would be true about complaints regarding other government activities under the authority of other government agencies or branches.

Conclusion? If the complaint was improper under the statute, it was improperly filed, improperly accepted, and the filer was not even a whistleblower as defined in the statute.    How and why did this happen?  Who drafted the complaint? Surely not the “whistleblower” alone.   Did members of the national security establishment and/or members of Congress assist?  If this can be shown, then shouldn’t this be considered a political complaint  drafted to support impeachment proceedings and to divert our attention from upcoming events.  If demonstrated to be true, this will be seen by many Americans as an attempted coup against a president elected under the procedures outlined in our the constitution.   Forget Trump—this is about the unity of our country and our democracy—or what’s left of it. The demand that Trump be impeached is so intense within the Democratic Party that even early doubters like Tulsi Gabbard have been forced to toe the line.  Fasten your seat belts, I suspect this will get very nasty.

2—There is a Clinton era treaty with Ukraine signed in 2000 I did not know existed which seems to authorize the very conversation Trump was having with the President of Ukraine. Here is the treaty language:

Article 1 that “[t]he Contracting States shall provide mutual assistance, in accordance with the provisions of this Treaty, in connection with the investigation, prosecution, and prevention of offenses, and in proceedings related to criminal matters.”

3—This has harmed the standing of Zelensky.  When this became public, Zelensky was involved in intense negotiations with Russia in hopes of ending the war in the Donbass and improving Ukrainian/Russian relations.  Was part of the motivation for the filing this complainan effort to derail those negotiations? In other words, was the filing of this complaint triggered more by fears on the part of the US deep state that Zelensky’s may actually make peace with Russian rather than constitutional concerns or fear of cutting military aid to Ukraine?  In other words, was the CIA/MIC afraid that peace might break out? BTW—as another e-mail will show, this entire debacle has been politically damaging to Zelensky.  This is yet another serious consequence.

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