We Are All Anti-Semites, Racists, and Sexists

We Are All Anti-Semites, Racists, and Sexists

“The degrading of political language to the point of absurdity isn’t accidental.”

Everyone Is an Anti-Semite; at Least That’s What the Media Says

The term has become so diluted that it has lost any meaning

Jonathan Cook 

Has anyone else noticed how almost anything you say nowadays can suddenly be cited as proof of your anti-semitism?

That is, if you haven’t already been denounced as a Kremlin stooge.

Oppose the regular neoconservative regime-change operations, such as the latest one targeting Venezuela, and point to the long record of war crimes committed by one of its current architects, Elliott Abrams, and that apparently is probable evidence that you’re an anti-semite.

Note, as Ilhan Omar recently did, that AIPAC, the well-financed and single-minded Israel lobby group, has so much influence in the US Congress that few representatives dare to publicly oppose it and you’ll come under relentless pressure to apologise for expressing an anti-semitic view.

If you don’t worship Israel, you’re basically Hitler

Never mind that the Senate just passed an AIPAC-driven law that blatantly violates Americans’ First Amendment rights by limiting their free speech – specifically to protect Israel from those who propose a boycott in support of Palestinian rights.

Want to criticise the bankers, who created a giant Ponzi scheme to enrich themselves and nearly destroyed the global economy – and are now being allowed to do it all over again? Or advocate for socialism and argue that there is a class war being waged against us by a “global elite”, or the 1 per cent? Yes, you’re definitely anti-semitic.

If you believe Jeremy Corbyn should be allowed to lead Labour into the next general election, as he was elected to do by party members, and that it should be possible to deselect Blairite MPs who wish to foil such an outcome and want to allow Theresa May to continue driving Britain over the cliff-edge, you are patently an anti-semite.

And of course, it hardly needs stating that if you criticise Israel, point out that it’s been running the longest occupation in modern history or cite any of the documented evidence that it practises apartheid against Palestinians, you must be irredeemably anti-semitic.

After all, as Guardian commentator Jonathan Freedland keeps reminding us, his and many other Jews’ identities are so deeply invested in Israel that, when we criticise Israel, we attack them. Ergo, we hate Jews.

Read the rest of Jonathan Cook’s article:  https://russia-insider.com/en/everyone-anti-semite-least-thats-what-media-says/ri26315 

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