Bob Woodward Says Russiagate Is Devoid of Evidence

Bob Woodward Says Russiagate Is Devoid of Evidence

John V. Walsh points out that the presstitutes and Democratic Party are making a sensation out of Bob Woodward’s book, Fear, but ignore Woodward’s most sensational statement. Woodward says that for two years he searched as hard as he could to uncover evidence of a Trump/Russia connection and totally failed.

You can bet your life that if any such evidence existed, the CIA, NSA, and FBI would have given it to Woodward.

As I have said from the beginning, “Russiagate” is a political orchestration for the purpose of making it impossible for President Trump to normalize US/Russian relations. The purpose of “Russiagate” is to protect the budget and power of the military/security complex. The Democrats are using it to take the government away from President Trump.

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