The Digital Fascists

The Digital Fascists

If you can get past Orlov’s denigration of Alex Jones, you will read an excellent explanation of the strict illegality of Facebook/Google, Apple, et. al., disconnecting Alex Jones and many others such as Telesur, Scott Horton, Ron Paul Institute.

The Facebook, et. al. digital fascists are each subject under reigning international law to a lawsuit. We should encourage Alex Jones to bring the lawsuits and break the backs of these fascist organizations that work hand in hand with the US military/security complex.

Also everyone should migrate from these digital fascists to alternative portals which exist. We can make the alternatives as big as we made the digital fascists. Loyalty to digital fascists who respect neither international law nor the US Constitution is absurd and self-destructive.

When you hear that someone has been banned, shun the banner, not the banned.

Censoring Alex Jones by Dmitry Orlov:

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