More Russiagate Deception from Mueller

More Russiagate Deception from Mueller

Why Websites Should Not Have Comment Sections

Moon of Alabama documents that Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians is not an indictment of people trying to interfere with the election but of a click-bait commerial marketing scheme.

This article also shows the dangers of comment sections and “like” clicks. It is easy for security services such as the CIA, lobbys such as the Israel Lobby, Wall Street, the military/security complex, agencies such as the National Endowment for Democracy, and George Soros to use comment sections to build the reputations of those serving their interests and to destroy the reputation of truth tellers.

Perhaps one day websites will come to the realization that their comment sections are used to destroy the reputations of their writers via social media. Negative comments on a website are spread via social media and in the case of PropOrNot also by the Washington Post. A number of websites falsely accused of being Russian agents/dupes by PropOrNot have experienced a drop in readership and less search engine visibility.

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