The Liberal/Progressive/Left Has Destroyed Itself

Here is Democrat Mike Whitney’s take on Russiagate:

Hooray for Hillary Inc–The idiot Dems turn Trump into a populist hero  

Today is a great victory for the naysayers who NEVER believed a word of the “Russia did it” bullsh**.
Hooray for us!

It  took just one 4 page memo to annihilate 18 months of relentless, inexorable, nonstop lies and fabrications.

Here’s what can be construed from the memo:

a– That there was in fact a conspiracy aimed at preventing Trump from winning the election and from governing the country after he was elected.

b– That the Dem’s leadership and their hirelings in the deep state and law enforcement were engaged in a project to sabotage the election and subvert the will of the people. (They were using surveillance and “leaks” to torpedo Trump and give themselves an unfair edge.)

c– That the plan to undermine Trump has catastrophically backfired turning the most reactionary, right wing president in our history into a populist hero fighting against an evil and corrupt political establishment. (Way to go, Dems. Time for a victory lap.)

d– That the corrupt media is joined at the hip with elements in the deep state that work overtime to deceive and mislead the American people. (Nothing new, but bears repeating)

The Dems idiot plan has backfired making Trump more powerful than ever….  which should worry-the-hell out of every one of us . 

Whitney points out that by lining up with the Deep State, the liberal/progressive/left has destroyed itself. This raises the question whether Russiagate was the Deep State’s conspiracy against Trump or the Deep State’s plan to destroy those opposed to war and wasting another trillion dollars on nuclear weapons. I agree with Mike that Americans need a political party that represents them.

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