A Look at the Future

A Look at the Future

If you find yourself with a wet, cold, icy Sunday on your hands, The Saker’s interview with Guns & Butter is well worth an hour.

The Saker— Andrei Raevsky—makes many good points. For example, Trump’s move of the US embassy to Jerusalem has hurt Israel and Washington by removing the figleaf of US neutrality. Washington has now openly placed itself in Israel’s corner and can no longer aid and abet Israel by pretending to be the honest broker.

Among other points, The Saker notes that the neoconservative zionists who have controlled US foreign policy in the 21st century have succeeded both in weakening and in isolating Washington. Neocon “diplomacy” consists only of threats and violence, signs of extreme weakness. Consequently, countries are no longer afraid to stand up to the US. The only fear is that the absence of any intelligence in Washington could doom the world to nuclear Armageddon.

Here is the interview: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48663.htm

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