Security Agencies Have Been Politicized

Security Agencies Have Been Politicized

The current NSA director, Adm. Rogers, according to what I learned from former US Attorney diGenova, is a true patriot and a person of integrity. He is the one who blew the whistle on the Russiagate plot against Trump.

It was during Michael Hayden’s time as NSA director that the decision was made to spy illegally on the American people. When this was leaked to the New York Times, the newspaper sat on the story for one year until George W. Bush could be reelected and the Bush regime could make the illegal spying retroactively legal. When Hayden left the NSA he became CIA director and presided over the illegal torture program.

In other words, the collusion between the politicized New York Times and the politicized security agencies has been controlling explanations Americans are given for a long time. CNN, NPR, the Washington Post and all of the rest of the presstitutes are part of the constant stream of disinformation that is fed to the American public.

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