No Moderation In Washington, War is the only Virtue

No Moderation In Washington, War is the only Virtue

Iranian President’s UN Address

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is a distinguished figure, supporting world peace, deploring war – polar opposite his Western counterparts.

On Wednesday, he addressed the UN General Assembly in New York, speaking forthrightly, explaining his agenda “calls for moderation and respect for human rights and prosperity and economic revitalization at home, and constructive engagement around the world.”

US and Israeli accusations against his nation are malicious, hateful and false, a way to attack its sovereign independence, inventing reasons to justify what’s vicious and unjustifiable.

“(M)oderation is…the chosen path of the great Iranian people,” Rouhani stressed, “seek(ing) neither isolation nor hegemony… impl(ying) neither indifference, nor intransigence.”

“(M)oderation is the path of peace,” an anathema agenda in Washington, other Western states, Israel and their rogue allies.

Iran threatens no one, Rouhani explained. It seeks mutual cooperation with all other nations. It rejects intimidation and threats.

It’s impossible to achieve global peace and stability “while Muslims in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Myanmar and so many other places live in misery, war and poverty,” he said – US imperial ruthlessness the root cause in most places.

Iran is committed to combat terrorism, not support or spread it like Washington and its rogue allies. Accusations otherwise are malicious lies. Tehran’s leadership has no imperial ambitions.

It abhors nuclear weapons. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) bears testimony to wanting these WMDs eliminated – regionally and globally.

“It is reprehensible that the rogue Zionist regime that threatens regional and global security with its nuclear arsenal and is not committed to any international instrument or safeguard, has the audacity to preach to peaceful nations” like Iran, Rouhani stressed.

Tehran strictly observes JCPOA terms. It’ll “respond decisively and resolutely to its violation by any other party.”

Trump wants the agreement rescinded, undermined or renegotiated. He decided on what action he’ll take, not yet revealing his scheme – clearly something to sabotage an international treaty, how Washington operates unaccountably.

Rouhani said breaching it will come at a “high cost” to Washington. Trump already revealed his rogue agenda, seeking ways to heighten his ignominy, not re-certifying the JCPOA or undermining it by other means something he likely intends.

Rouhani, Foreign Minister Zarif, and other P5+1 countries agree that JCPOA terms won’t be renegotiated, no matter what Trump does or doesn’t do.

Iran won’t be deterred by his unacceptable actions. “By violating its international commitments, the new US administration only destroys its own credibility and undermines international confidence in negotiating with it, or accepting its word or promise,” said Rouhani.

He criticized US-led regional recklessness, waging endless wars of aggression, threatening attacks on other nations, Iran a longstanding US target.

He invited all nations “seek(ing) peace, security and progress through partnership and cooperation…to visit Iran and join (together) in building this future of hope.”

He urged transforming “imposition, unilateralism, intimidation and war into the logic of dialogue, synergy and peace so that moderation can become the dominant voice across the globe.”

Rouhani said what he means and meant what he said – polar opposite how duplicitous US politicians operate.

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