Israel Demands White House Explain Envoy’s Comment on Western Wall

Israel Demands White House Explain Envoy’s Comment on Western Wall

reported by Jason Ditz

Here is a minuscule two-bit punk country demanding explanations from its sole protector and its sole benefactor. Amazing! Yet Washington trembles. Any American Diplomat Who States the Truth Is on Israel’s List to Be Out of a Job.

Israeli officials are demanding that the White House offer an official explanation for the comments of a US diplomat who was in Jerusalem and pointed out that the Western Wall is in territory occupied by Israel in 1967. [This theft under occupation is strictly illegal under international law, which Israel and Washington ignore. As “God’s chosen people” and the “exceptional, indispensible people” Israel and the US are above the law. ]

Israel did occupy the territory in question militarily in 1967, but has since annexed it. The United States does not recognize that annexation, nor really does anybody else.

Israel’s far-right government likes to get outraged about people stating the obvious, and to demand apologies.

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