Richie Allen Wonders What’s So Great About the UK Bombing Muslims And Inviting Attack

Richie Allen Wonders What’s So Great About the UK Bombing Muslims And Inviting Attack

“Our shared values” “We’ll never be divided” “They hate our freedom” “This evil must be defeated…….”
These are the nauseating clichés ringing around Westminster this morning. It’s a tired old refrain indeed. In the last 15 years alone, the villains who inhabit/have inhabited that building, have murdered millions of people, yes millions, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, through the authorisation of military interventions. 

GCHQ, along with it’s bosom buddies Mossad and the CIA, have funnelled arms and cash to the sons of Wahhabism and sent them on their merry way to bring destruction and mayhem to peaceful countries in the Middle East. None of this is news. It is a stone cold fact. 

The whoring media take the press releases and read them verbatim. It is incredibly effective. They, the media and the elites have created a living drama. set within a fictional world, where we the virtuous, the decent and the tolerant, are under constant attack from the evildoers. We are told that we are hated for our diversity and for our values. Nobody has ever been able to explain what our “values” are incidentally.
When an incident like yesterdays occurs, the media swings into action. There is no reporting or investigating anywhere to be seen. What we are seeing today is a presentation, pure theatre. Every media outlet in the country has set up at the scene. The anchors act concerned and moved while reminding us constantly of the heroism of the fallen policeman, the bravery of the public, the fortitude of the minister who attempted to save the policeman’s life. All of this is interwoven with clips of the Prime Minister and MP’s saying how wonderful we are, how great our democracy is and how it’ll never be defeated. It’s a script, a screenplay even. It is actually total and utter nonsense. Absent is any serious questioning of the PM, the police chief and senior ministers.

24 hour rolling news channels have become live soap operas. People have become addicted to them. Go into any house during the day and it’s not “The Bold & The Beautiful” or some other old daytime soap or quiz show on the TV. It’s FOX, CNN, BBC24 or SKY News. These “shows” are rewiring the brains of those who consume them and the majority of those watching are unaware of it. They are sort of like Truman Burbank, insofar as they know something is up, they just can’t quite put their finger on it. And before they can figure it out along comes a timely commercial, football game or reality TV show.

In the absence of the media, we must work harder than ever to challenge this system and present our audiences with credible information and evidence that encourages them to pause and look again at what their governments are telling them. It’s as simple as that. There is no magic bullet, no quick fix. Hard work, honesty, improving our production values and engaging with people who disagree with us in a professional manner, is the order of the day. We must also have the courage to go where the evidence takes us. 

And there is a lot to be optimistic about. The medias reporting of the US Presidential election and the UK Brexit referendum, has seen millions of people turn away from the corporate media. Let’s take advantage of that. We’ll never have a better opportunity.

Richie Allen
Host of The Richie Allen Show

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