Evidence Building Against Soros

Evidence Building Against Soros

George Soros Funded Trump Protests:

This one might be wishful thinking:

A reader writes that Soros
“is involved in destabilizing and overthrowing democratically elected governmenbts all over the world. He is not just a political and social threat to Russia and Ukraine, but evidently now to the USA and Western Europe, where he has been behind the mass influx of immigrants to destabilise those countries as well. 

“It is clear that Trump and Putin have a lot of threats in common to deal with. The shadow government is currently rattled, but will strike back soon. After the recent violent events, Trump should join the Russian government and also call for the immediate arrest of Soros for his treasonous activities and confiscate all his assets in the West, appoint special prosecutors to deal with the neocon war criminals and break up the bought and paid for press and media monopolies that are the corrupt and mendacious whores of the oligarchy. Furthermore, he should also shut down the oligarchs’ Fed and create a national bank to issue debt- and interest-free US money to fund infrastructure and the rebuilding of the US economy. That would critically weaken the opposition and strengthen his position in dealing with the shadow government. 

“These forces will be eternal enemies not just of him, but of the Western people. They represent a cancer that is killing the host. Not reconciliation, but deep and thorough cleaning is required to rout out this den of vipers.”

The audacity of George Soros is extraordinary. How does he get away with it?

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