Syria Declares Ceasefire Terminated By Washington’s Jihadists

Syria Declares Ceasefire Terminated By Washington’s Jihadists

Washington wants “clarification” from Russia, but what the world needs is clarification from Washington why the jihadist groups Washington supports and sent to make war in Syria refused to abide by the ceasefire. The obvious answer is: Washington ordered its mercenaries not to abide by the cease fire. Why did not Russia demand clarification from Washington instead of giving the propaganda advantage to Washington?

The answer is that Putin realizes that Washington is driving the world toward thermo-nuclear war and refuses to respond to Washington’s provocations with provocations.

Putin is the only leader humanity has at this crucial point in world history. He seems to be backed by the Chinese leaders, who are very circumspect, but have aligned with Putin’s leadership.

If life on earth survives, it will be the result of leadership from Russia and China.

But if Putin continues these pointless negotiations with the total evil that rules in Washington, Putin will discredit Russia’s support for peace and reason. At this stage with so much evidence available, to trust Washington is an act of total insanity.

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