Washington Escalates Punishent Of Truth-Tellers

Washington Escalates Punishent Of Truth-Tellers

Former British Ambassador Craig Murray, a truth-teller, has been banned from entering the United States of America.

Washington is so afraid of truth that the most honorable man in Great Britain cannot be allowed into the USA.

Amb. Murray exposed the torture regime that the US and UK were running in Uzbekistan.

Amb. Murray was to be the Master of Ceremonies for an award to be given to former CIA official John Kiriakou, who blew the whistle on the CIA torture program. Kiriakou went to prison for blowing the whistle on the US government’s violation of both US law and international law, despite the legal protection that US law gives to whistleblowers. The criminals who broke the law and engaged in torture did not go to prison, only Kiriakou and two lowly enlisted US Army personnel who were prominent in the torture photos from Abu Ghraib.

This is Amerika today. A gangster police state that makes Nazi Germany look good by comparison.


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