Israel Sours On Netanyahu

Israel Sours On Netanyahu

Has the Israel Lobby assigned former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to the class of “self-hating Jews?” These two former top officials of the Israeli government are obviously, to the crazed mind of the Israel Lobby, especially ADL, anti-semites for critizing the Israeli government.

Former PM Barak said that “only a blind person or a sheep, or an ignoramus, can’t see the erosion of democracy and the budding fascism” in Israel.

Former DM Ya’alon said that Israel had been taken over by a “fanatical core group with a radical ideology” that freely attacks the Supreme Court, freedom of expression and other principles of democracy.

Barak said: “In capitals around the world — in London and Washington, in Berlin and Paris, in Moscow and Beijing — no leader believes a word coming out of Netanyahu’s mouth or his government’s.”

Netanyahu is the Israeli nut case elected PM by the vicious settlers. The traitors who comprise the US Congress invited Netanyahu to address Congress and give instruction as to the proper course of US foreign policy, which was “attack Iran.”

Obviously Barak and Ya’alon disagree with the presstitute US media that under Netanyahu Israel is a great democracy helpless in the face of Palestinian terrorism without billions of dollars annually from hard pressed US taxpayers.

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