Finland has been brought under Washington’s thumb

From a reader in Finland:

I have felt for a long time there is something wrong in this world. Thank you for this site, it proves I´m not alone and my thoughts are not crazy. I feel liberated I used to think in my home country Finland there is still some sense in how politics is made, but I have been wrong. The people in the government are pushing us to Nato by scaring us with Russia, the poor are stripped of all hope, people who still have jobs are scared, our prime minister is a millionaire who doesn´t pay taxes \”the right way\” (among others by his side), the news are just copies of whatever is decided somewhere is good for the people to hear etc. etc. all the Right Ways To Think come from the US, really. Nothing is enough and everybody is unhappy and confused. I have slowly started to speak out about these things you write about, still gathering courage you see. All this is so obvious to me now, but to others it sounds crazy, of course. I will keep reading your articles, thank you very much! PM from Finland

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