Trump’s Battle for America

Trump’s Battle for America

Hanne Herland, propriator of the European Herland Report has just published Trump: The Battle for America ( ).

Herland attributes Trump’s demonization to his attack on the globalists with his slogan of “America First.”  Globalists want weak nation states, not America great again. Weak nation states are easily dominated by global corporations.  Borderless countries are weak; thus, globalism’s support for mass immigration. 

By moving first world jobs offshore, global corporations have taken opportunity away from the working class.  Consequently there has been a decline in discretionary consumer income and corresponding decline in aggregate demand, thereby limiting first world economic growth. Initially central banks were able to substitute a rise in consumer debt for the missing income growth in order to sustain economic activity.  Today debt burdens are so high that further support for aggregate demand from consumer debt is not possible.

Trump was elected by the economically disenfranchised working class—“the Trump deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton termed them.  They want the jobs and opportunities back that the global corporations stole from them.  That is what Trump means by making America great again.

Clearly, this is not what the globalists want.

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