Newsletter matters

Newsletter matters

I hear from an ongoing trickle of readers that they have been dropped from the newsletter list.  This website does not drop anyone from the list.  Moreover, unless your computer is being individually hacked, hacking is not the cause.  

The likely cause is that you are unsubscribed by people to whom you forward the newsletter, especially if they are people annoyed by the information.  Before you forward the newsletter, erase the unsubscribe option at the bottom.  

If you notice that you are unsubscribed, just go to the home page and sign up again.  We do not add or delete people from the newsletter. That is the reader’s responsibility.

A few readers have asked if instead of multiple notices each day just one notice listing the articles could be sent.  The answer is that often I post throughout the day.  Waiting for the last post would result in delays in posting information.  Also, posting individually lets me see what readers are reading, whereas lumping the articles together in one notice lets me know how many readers opened the notice but not which articles were most read.

If multiple notices annoy you, instead just check the website at your convenience.

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