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I remain opposed to social media for a number of reasons.  But as this is your website I have decided to accommodate requests and have authorized a trusted person to maintain a twitter account for the website.

One reason I gave in is that I expect the account to be promptly closed by twitter, which censors in order to please the woke creatures and others who reject the US Constitution’s protection of free speech.

Perhaps anticipating a short life on twitter, the person establishing the account is also establishing accounts with twitter alternatives that do not censor. It seems to me that if one uses social media, one should use those that do not censor.  When the twitter alternative(s) is up and running, you will be informed.

It seems to me that if people were not insouciant, they would move their social media activity away from twitter, Facebook, and youtube to free speech alternatives.  We are all supposed to oppose fascism which means censorship, so why do the hordes of lemmings support media that censors? The only answer is that Americans are insouciant people who dig their own graves.

At the end of each of my articles there is the twitter bird and a blue rectangle that says follow.

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