You Want War With Russia?

You Want War With Russia?

In this article, Pepe Escobar spells out the across-the-board military superiority of Russia over the combined forces of the West:

The reckless arrogance of the American neoconservaives has blinded the White House Fool and the dumbshits that sit in the House and Senate to the disastrous consequences for the West of war with Russia.

American military procurement has always been an insider’s racket against the taxpayer and the military itself. With the Soviet collapse, the endless over-budget costs were joined by increasingly shoddy work, so that the military budget was siphoned off into junk projects, such as the F-35 and the Navy’s latest ship, which broke down before the new ship could reach its port under its own power.

For the corrupt defense contractors, grabbing money is the goal, not producing war-worthy products.

We have arrived at the situation where the dumbshits in Washington have threatened Russia with an unloaded gun, and the Russian gun is very well loaded. Washington can either eat crow or get us all killed. Knowing the egotistic bastards, they will get us all killed before their fragile egos let them back down.

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