Site is back up — I appreciate your support

Dear Friends, I appreciate the many notices I received that the website was down for a number of hours today. The problem, apparently, was the host for the domain name. As I predicted in 2004, the US will be a third world country in 20 years. We get closer every day.

Unfortunately, the shutdown of the website occurred at the end of the quarterly request for donations. I thank all of you for your support. We have no donors from the One Percent and no liberal or conservative foundations, but we have some supporters who obviously give up other expenditures in order to strongly support the site. These donors make up for the many readers who do not contribute. As Margaret Mead said, it only takes a few people to make a difference. I am especially appreciative of the sacrifices made by low income people in support of the site.

Washington continues with is arrogant policies to advance the world on the road to World War III. Unless the rest of the world organizes against Washington to prevent this war, it will happen.

One of our tasks is to stop it.

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