Guest poem by Robert Bly

As Robert Bly’s Vietnam poem shows, those few who pay attention have known for many decades that everything the US government says is a lie.

The people who believe the US government are too stupid to be called human, or monkeys for that matter. Little doubt but that monkeys are vastly smarter than anyone who believes the US government.

Robert Bly, The Teeth-Mother Naked At Last. San Francisco City Lights Books, 1970, pp. 11-12

The Chief Executive enters; the Press Conference

First the President lies about the date the Appalachian
Mountains rose
Then he lies about the population of Chicago, then
about the weight of the adult eagle, next about the
acreage of the Everglades
He lies about the number of fish taken every year in the
Arctic, he has private information about which
city is the capital of Wyoming, he lies about the
birthplace of Attila the Hun
He lies about the composition of the amniotic fluid, he
insists that Luther was never a German, and insists
that only the Protestants sold indulgences,
That Pope Leo X wanted to reform the church, but the
“liberal elements” prevented him,
That the Peasants’ War was fomented by Italians from
the North.
And the Attorney General lies about the time the sun

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