RT Interviews PCR on Syria August 27, 2013

Have you lost patience, as I have, with the pretense that a US/UK military attack on Syria is a response to Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons? If only one journalist on live camera would ask one of the many liars–Obama, Cameron, Hague, Tony Blair–this question: “Why are you lying to us?” If only there were a Helen Thomas somewhere in the media!

Alas! The media consists only of pimps and whores for governments.

The US and UK governments have made it completely clear that Assad has not used chemical weapons. If Assad had used chemical weapons, Washington would wait for the report of the UN chemical weapons inspectors who are in Syria conducting the investigation. The UN Secretary General says that the facts should first be established before starting a war, but Washington knows that the facts will prove that the US and UK governments are liars. Washington is desperate to attack before experts reveal the facts.

If the facts supported Obama and Cameron, the two warmongers would have a good chance of obtaining a UN resolution in support of their attack on Syria. But Washington and London know that they have based everything on brazen lies.

The point that everyone misses, including the UN Secretary General and the Russian media, is that whether Assad used chemical weapons or not, it is still a war crime for the US and UK to commit naked aggression against Syria.

The Syrian government is confronted with an invasion from outside forces, most likely recruited and most definitely encouraged and equipped by the US. What right does Washington and London have to decide what weapons Assad can use to resist an invasion? Who gave Washington the right to use nuclear weapons on Japan, to use depleted uranium and white phosphorus in its half dozen wars against Muslim peoples?

The US and UK governments are criminal organizations, but unlike the Mafia they are devoid of all honor. They are the worst of the worst. And they are also stupid. “Weapons of mass destruction” worked for them in Iraq [I said Iran in the interview but meant Iraq], and they are using the same excuse for attacking Syria. But the world doesn’t believe them this time. Washington and London have ensnared themselves in their own hubris, and this time the entire world will recognize them for the war criminals that they are. With any luck, the outcome will be the isolation of the criminal states of US, UK, and Israel from the civilized world.

In the interview with RT, I ask when in the 21st century have the US and UK governments ever told the truth about anything? Think about that and see what you can come up with.


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