The Head of the FBI Gestapo Lied or Was Evasive for 6 Hours under Questioning by House Republicans

The Head of the FBI Gestapo Lied or Was Evasive for 6 Hours under Questioning by House Republicans 

“The Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee [on July 12] where he testified for more than six hours earlier today. He was grilled by House Republicans about a wide range of scandals and controversies plaguing the Bureau – from how the FBI is pressuring and coercing Big Tech to censor the political speech of American citizens online; to the politicization of law enforcement investigations, including recent accusations from two senior IRS whistleblowers that the DOJ intervened in the Hunter Biden case to protect the president’s son; to domestic spying programs in which the FBI purchases comprehensive and extremely invasive data about the lives of American citizens to enable them to create dossiers on the citizens they are supposed to be protecting; to the role the FBI and its various assets played in the events at the Capitol on January 6 [the so-called Trump Insurrection].

“The FBI director’s posture for most of the day was one of evasion and feigned ignorance. He routinely refused to answer even the most basic questions by playing obvious semantic games with the questions or claiming he did not have information when it is simply impossible that he was telling the truth – such as when he refused to say how many FBI informants and undercover agents were among the crowd on January 6 by insisting – more than two years after those events that the Bureau described as an “insurrection” – that he does not know the answer to that question. To say that Wray mislead and obstructed the Committee is an understatement; in cases such as that one, he clearly lied. But what else should one expect from the leader of an agency with a long history of lying and weaponizing their vast powers for purely political ends?

“The primary reason Director Wray was able to get away with this behavior is because he had a small army of lawyers and defenders who participated in the hearing calling themselves “House Democrats.” That the Democratic Party has become the party of the U.S. Security State – the faction that most venerates, protects and defends the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and the rest – is a common theme of my reporting and our program. Polling data that we have repeatedly analyzed demonstrate that not just party leaders but also their liberal followers hold these agencies in high esteem. Left-liberal media discourse is almost entirely bereft of reporting or discussions about the abuses of power by these agencies – they barely exist – because the left-wing faction of the Democratic Party perceives – correctly so – that, in the Trump era, these agencies have become their political allies.

“Nonetheless – even with that understanding – the extent to which Democrats so flagrantly wagged their tongue and heaped praise on the FBI – even repeatedly expressed rage that House Republicans would dare question the FBI, even though that kind of oversight is the legal requirement of the Congress – surprised even me. There were a couple of noble exceptions – Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, the head of the Progressive Caucus, for instance, demanded answers about the FBI’s program of buying data about Americans on the open market, data which – as we have reported – they would be barred by the Constitution from collecting directly.

“But for the most part, House Democrats completely disgraced themselves, as one after the next read scripts about the nobility and integrity of the FBI that would have made J. Edgar Hoover blush. I haven’t seen an FBI Director feted with such mindless worship since Saturday Night Live sang songs about former Bush/Cheney FBI Director Robert Mueller being our nation’s savior.

“We will show you the key parts of today’s hearing, which was quite revealing. We will also speak with a member of the Judiciary Committee who participated in it and posed some of the most pointed and important questions to Director Wray: he’s Republican Congressman Mike Johnson, who has represented Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District since 2016.”

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