The Ever-Widening War

The Ever-Widening War 

Perhaps Russia does need a coup.  By stupidly refusing to bring the Ukraine conflict to an end, Putin is encouraging nuclear war.

With the demise of the Wagner Group it is unclear that Russia is capable of bringing the conflict to an end.  Now it seems a purge of “disloyal generals” might be underway. 

By accepting a false narrative of the “mutiny,” Putin has presented himself as weakened and brought himself much trouble and emboldened the American neoconservatives who are pressing for escalating the conflict.

The prospect of nuclear war is ever present as long as the neoconservatives pursue US hegemony.

Putin’s refusal to use sufficient force to bring the Ukraine conflict to an end continues to widen the war, thus encouraging the neoconservatives’ ambition and maximizing the chances of nuclear war.

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